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Easy and Fast

Well, with millions of REST code being written everyday, finding a rightly tested product is often a challenging task. We heard and we came up with a simple yet jubilant product that generates an instant stub that simulates the needed state behaviour of the REST service. All you need is feed ROBOREST with a JSON or YML or your own standard. We give you what you need to rest at scale

Scale and Quality

When it comes to sales, unless customer is assured with test results at scale, there may be no deal Test at scale is no other than pouring your investment on capex even it is a smartly virtualized testbed. We have a secret Sause that enables you to create millions of test stubs on a reasonably sized machine. Forget about large servers, we are talking about hardly a 16 gigs here..

Save Time & Money

It is not just capex but there is a need for a team, many times a big team, to prepare the test bed. Our Robot, aka ROBOREST, will do most of the coding while you can manage with small efforts for adding a topping on the cake


Bundle of Tools

Tools that helps to prepare input for RoboRest and helps in DevOps pipeline automation are part of the delivery


Quickly generate test stubs for OpenAPI documentation and for many other standard APIs


With one API definition millions of servers can be generated in no time to test at scale


With source code delivered, you may enhance the product to match your requirements and reuse

Strong Support

Competent team of experts provide timely support after product delivery to our customers

Flexibility with License

Source code will be delivered with the license to enable customizations and integrations

How it works?

Audit Engine generates API files with dependencies and state information. No need to use our proprietary audit engine, a Swagger file will do as we support OpenAPI standards

Inter Engine works on API files and creates .robi files for Main Engine to simulate service functionality

Main Engine generates code with state, CRUD and Data Manipulation functions to give controls to play around any kind of test scenario

Delivery Engine generates end code with all security requirements implemented for your testbed preparation



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JSON to be supplied
No security features


More Instances
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JSON Generator
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